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How to support the festival

To be part of the Festival du Comminges Association is to love the festival and support its missions :

    • Limit cultural desertification in the Pyrenean Piedmont,
    • Increase awareness of music and heritage among the greatest number,
    • Contribute to the diffusion of music to children, high school students and students
    • Encourage the emergence of a new generation of talent by allowing them to learn as part of the Academy and to be invited as part of the Festival
    • Encourage the arrival of the most renowned artists
    • Preserve, restore the Pyrenean heritage

Do you want to support the Festival du Comminges ?

If you are an individual, we suggest you join the Friends of the Festival and / or volunteer your time. Your contributions and donations are entitled to a tax deduction equal to 66% of their amount within the limit of 20% of your taxable income. In addition, membership allows 15% discount on the price of concerts organized by the association.

If you are a business, you can become a sponsor or partner.

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